Interview with Pe Pa

Interview with Pe Pa

Interview with Pe Pa

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. – Henry Ward Beecher It was when I was still a kid and could not talk but needed to communicate somehow to ask for the water, when I was thirsty. So I told the word “PEPA”.

In conversation with Karunesh Kumar Agarwal, Managing Editor, Pegasus Literary, PE PA tells us about her success as an artist & interior designer 

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: Tell us about yourself and your background. I see your original name is Olga Bueva. Please explain us the origin of the pseudonym PE PA.

Pe Pa: It was when I was still a kid and could not talk but needed to communicate somehow to ask for the water, when I was thirsty. So I told the word “PEPA”. The first word in my life was constructed, based on the Russian word Пить (Piti)- which literally means to drink. Exactly from that time my family started to call me PE PA and so they still do it up till now. 

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: Why did you decide to become an interior designer/artist?

Pe Pa: It is impossible to decide. It is easy. Either you are or you are not meant to be. I simply can’t live without Art & Interior design. I am at my place.

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: What’s your Favorite Artwork?

Pe Pa: Among my work it will be: The Kiss. I LOVE doing the portraits. Talking about works of other artists, I like very much the ones by Mark Rothko. Really it is difficult to choose one work or one artist. Let’s remember Jean-Michel Basquiat, Amedeo Modigliani, Henri Rousseau etc. They are all so unique and talented. It is much easier for me to define the ones I do not like and this is Dali, for example.

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal:  What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Pe Pa: My work is like a mirror of the world as well as of the present and future time. This ability showing what will happen with some people I painted was just shocking to me.

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal:  What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?

Pe Pa: There wasn’t any advice. I just do what I like and don’t think about any creativity. I wouldn’t lie that creativity didn’t bother me some time ago.

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Pe Pa: Find some peace and harmony and focus on what are you doing. Everything will come on its time. That’s for sure!

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal:  I see you have been featured on the front cover of Kruti Mehta’s book Chords of Life. Please describe your feelings about it.

Pe Pa: I like Kruti. She is amazing and working with her was such a pleasure.

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: Your experience of collaborating with Vijaya Gowrisankar’s new book ‘Savour’?

Pe Pa: This collaboration is important for me. The money raised by the book will go to charity activity, so it is an honor for me to be a part of this project. Together we can support more people who need our help!

Karunesh Kumar Agarwal: Thank you very much PE PA.

Pe Pa: Thank you Karunesh for such a good questions.

Pe Pa

PE PA (Olga Bueva) is an artist & interior designer, the author of series of paintings such as: That makes me fly/I know you/Trolya. She was a participant in the exhibitions: “Artistic communities of Moscow” at the Moscow Museum (Moscow), “Affordable art” and “Capturing time” at Space Womb Gallery (New York), ArtExpoSpb (Saint Petersburg), festival ArtWhoArt (Moscow) and others… She is also an illustrator and co-creator of the comics “OVERWINTER” together with American graphic designer and writer Jason Hart.