Forgotten Road

Forgotten Road

Author Name :Baidha Fercoq

Hindsight is the perfect mirror from which to view our life’s decisions.  There we can find our dearest friend of memory ~ laced with fragmented emotions worn by time.  We can revisit the roads our lives have taken and reflect upon choices that were left by the wayside through inaction.  Safe from the world’s prying eyes and judgment, we alone can bring to life those forgotten roads.  


Forgotten Road



There is a forgotten road
whose path ~ long ago
was forsaken and overgrown.

Faint traces, yet, remain
…fragmented stepping stones.

A place where shadows
linger and dance,
its bygone rhythms
jubilant and bold.

Let us pause ~ to reminisce
unguarded there,
amongst dearest friends
their lilting mirage ~ their faded colors.

… There is a forgotten road.

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