In the Birth of Light

In the Birth of Light

Author Name :Baidha Fercoq

How often does light become the vehicle for moments of deep epiphany and connection to life.   More times than not, humanity functions in a profunctionary state and it takes a shimmering beam of light to jolt our awareness into the brilliance of life.  It’s hidden everywhere in plain sight, on forest floors, in waters, in our homes and cities.  All it takes is one beam of light hitting our soul ‘just right.’ And in that instant, we’re propelled into an intimate encounter with awareness ... whereby, we are left never the same.


In the Birth of Light


In the frigid air of solemn

and all its forgotten

light trickles and footsteps on water pearlettes

perching daintily upon woven silken filaments

suspended unnoticed between the changing breeze.


Light searches for surrender and fragments

in places where life summons sparks of resistance.


Desiccated jewels

... scattered.


Petitioned to drape its shimmering gown

upon water’s transitional flow

seasoned pieces of life

cautiously grasp for purchase


... while hibernating roots of life

fastidiously rest in the fold of winter.


Delicate silhouettes

courageously summon light’s attendance

in this dance of life.


How beautiful does this cycle

ebb and flow

between its state

of darkness and light.




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